Eleftheria Beres

Elli Beres

Incoming CSE Ph.D. Student at the University of Washington

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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# Hi! I'm Elli

I'm an incoming Computer Science & Engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Washington. My research area lies at the intersection of Programming Languages, Software Engineering, and Computing Education. I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

I'm passionate about Computing Education, Programming Languages and Software Engineering, and more! I'm especially interested in the programming systems and software engineering tools that learners, scientists, and other non-computer scientists use when learning computing topics, when writing programs, and when interacting with computing in general. I aspire to study and design programming systems that are more approachable and understandable to all users and that empower people to more safely, efficiently, and easily use the full power of computing to achieve their goals.

In my free time, I love reading, world-building, traveling, hiking, biking, and playing and especially GMing TTRPGs. My favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, and speculative fiction more broadly. Some of my favorite authors include Christopher Ruocchio, Ursula K LeGuin, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Brandon Sanderson, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Scroll down to see what I'm currently reading according to Goodreads!

If any of this seems interesting to you, I'd love to connect! Feel free to reach out to me at ellifteria+web@gmail.com.

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